Situational Awareness (Part 3)

Avoid Diversions
Here is a hypothetical situation: The elevator door opens, you take a step out and something grabs your attention to the right. You get sucked into staring at this while a predator closes in from the left. Crack to the head, lights out—your money and wallet are gone.
Next time you are drawn in unexpectedly, take a moment to look the other way.

There are times when you should question intuition. For instance, if it looks good, it may be a diversion. Diversionary tactics are as old as the day is long because they are effective. Explosions followed by fireballs and smoke will draw our attention like moth to a flame. Even a snapshot in the other direction can be the determining factor in whether you become a victim or succeed in averting a bad situation. Don’t get sucked in by one of the oldest tactics in the book.

Do Your Part
It is our duty and responsibility to protect and serve. If you are a competent and trained gun handler, you should be carrying wherever the law permits and never go outside the parameters of that law. Take the proper classes, get the proper training and be an asset to your community instead of a liability. Just because you have a gun does not mean that you are armed. The mind is the final weapon. All else is supplemental.

Article by Pat McNamara

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