Security Risk Assessments & Management Solutions

Get peace of mind with our security risk assessments & management solutions to mitigate every aspect of your physical, personal, business and reputational risk.

Get expert security risk management services

Security Risk Assessments & Management

In order to effectively reduce and manage your risk, a detailed understanding of your current risk profile is necessary. BGA Protection provides expert security risk assessments & management solutions to mitigate every aspect of your physical, personal, business and reputational risk.

Our professional and thorough team has years of experience in assessing and managing risk for organisations, groups and individuals. Each Security Risk Assessment begins with undertanding your desired outcomes and requirements in minimising your risk. Once we fully understand your objectives, we audit every area required to fully understand your potential risks, and propose practical and effective ways of reducing them.

Each Security Risk Assessment is unique, and combines many or all of the below aspects:

  • Physical & Geographical Security Audit
  • Personal Threat Assessment
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Assessment
  • Security Service Provider Audit
  • Procedure and Policy document reviews
  • Security Technology Audit
  • Information Technology Audit

Benefits of working with BGA Protection:

  • Our team of professionals are able to manage client risk exposures, while providing a confidential world-class service.
  • Because each client is unique in their circumstances, BGA Protection will customise a security plan specific to your needs.
  • BGA's management team has over 50 years combined experience in the Physical Security industry.

"BGA Protection provides expert security risk assessments & management solutions to mitigate every aspect of your physical, personal, business and reputational risk."

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    Get expert security risk management services

    Who do we work with?

    From businesses and industrial operations to CEO's, Executives and high net-worth individuals needing to minimise their risk in private or public spaces, BGA Protection has you covered. Each individual and their situation is unique, and BGA Protection customises a solution specific to your requirements.

    How do we do it?

    After the initial briefing, BGA Protection performs a detailed risk assessment. We then provide a report, and propose a security solution to suit your needs. With a large team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced Security Risk experts you are guaranteed the right people for the job.

    Our Security Risk Assessments and Management Solutions not only helps us understand your risk, but allow us to ensure your safety and provide you with peace of mind throughout your day.

    Our priorities are to:

    • Fully understand your potential risks, and provide relevant, actionable fact-based guidance in order to minimise your risk exposure
    • Assess & manage your security risks according your personal, business and reputational needs
    • Plan for potential threats and unwanted outcomes before they happen, ensuring that nothing will catch you unprepared
    • Represent you and your organisation through emotional intelligence and soft-skills

    Protector Assessments

    A skilled Protector is a highly trained specialist who understands the needs and pressures placed on a 'Protectee' coupled with the demand for individualised security and unobtrusive protection, not somebody with the stature of a night-club bouncer or the fighting skills of a Chuck Norris.

    All of our Protectors have been assessed using a unique evaluation tool designed to certify Protectors in line with international best practice.

    Through this comprehensive assessment we can guarantee the level of competence of each of our Protection specialists.

    Our assessment evaluates a Protector's:

    • Planning and scenario reactions - How well does a protector plan a job, and how would they react in a specific scenario?
    • Fitness - If a protector is not physically fit, they will not be able to fulfill their duties. This is one of the first things we test during our assessments.
    • Soft Skills - A large part of a protector's job is to fit in and function well in different situations. Communication, dress sense, etiquette, general knowledge and overall preparedness are tested to make sure your protector can adapt to their surroundings.
    • Hard Skills - These are the skills that the protection industry is known for. Shooting, driving, restraint, planning and observation skills are all assessed to make sure you are in the safest hands possible.
    • Legal compliance - Being legally compliant is a necessity to work in the protection industry. We make sure our protectors are suitably qualified and meet a country's legal standards before we deploy them.

    How competent is your Protector?

    If you are questioning your current Protectors competency or are concerned about your security BGA will happily assess your Protection team's "real" ability in relation to international best practice and recommend appropriate measures to improve your current Protection profile.

    If you require a site visit from one of our security specialists or you wish to enquire about any of our other services send us a mail.

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