Cyber Security Services

In a world increasingly driven by digital technologies and information, cyber-threat management is more than just a strategic imperative. It’s a fundamental part of doing business.

Get the best cyber security for your situation.

Cyber Security Services

A common myth is that cyber-attacks only happen to certain types of organizations, such as high-profile technology businesses. However, the cold, hard truth is that every organization has valuable data to lose. In fact, the attacks that happen most frequently are completely indiscriminate, using scripted, automated tools that identify and exploit whatever weaknesses they happen to find.

Cyber-attacks can be extremely harmful. Tangible costs range from stolen funds and damaged systems to regulatory fines, legal damages, and financial compensation for injured parties. However, what might hurt even more are the intangible costs, such as loss of competitive advantage due to stolen intellectual property, loss of customer or business partner trust, loss of integrity due to compromised digital assets, and overall damage to an organization’s reputation and brand, all of which can send an organization’s share price plummeting.

Being resilient to cyber-risks starts with awareness at the board and C-suite level and a recognition that at some point your organization will be attacked. You need to understand the biggest threats, and which assets are at greatest risk - the assets at the heart of your organization’s mission.

Cybercrime continues to escalate, ranking as the second-most reported crime in this year’s Global Economic Crime Survey and taking fourth place from a South African perspective. At 32%, it was the same as the global average. In PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, six in ten chief executives ranked cyber threats and the speed of technological change as top threats to growth. This year’s survey points to the disquieting fact that too many organisations are leaving first response to their IT security teams without adequate intervention or support from senior management and other key players.

Cybercrime keeps climbing The incidence of reported cybercrime is sharply higher this year, with cybercrime in the South African context having shifted two places from sixth to fourth position.

Among survey respondents in South Africa, financial losses were considered to be the most damaging impact of a cyber breach, followed closely by legal implications and reputational damage.

Our Cyber Security Services:

  • Cyber Security Audit
  • End-point Protection and Monitoring
  • Social Media and Email Security
  • Network Monitoring and Security
  • Cyber Security Training

"A common myth is that cyber-attacks only happen to certain types of organizations, such as high-profile technology businesses."

How do we do it?

After the initial briefing, BGA Protection performs a detailed Cyber Security risk assessment. We then provide a report, and propose a Cyber Security Plan to suit your needs. With a specialised team of highly-skilled Cyber Security experts you are guaranteed the right people for the job.

We will provide a holistic approach to security and protection services for individuals, organisations and their employees . This will include standard best-practise cyber-security services and encompass risk-areas not normally covered by “everyday” cyber security solutions or offerings including espionage, personal information protection and identity / fraud risks.

Your Cyber Security team's responsibilities will include:

  • Security Assessments
  • Endpoint protection
  • Network security
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Mobile & Cloud Solution
  • Managed Security Services

Get the best cyber security for your situation.

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