The best Close Protection for your situation.

BGA Protection provides access to a large database of qualified, competent and profesisonal Close Protection Officers available for hire.

Get the right protectors for the job.

Professional Close Protection

Also known as Bodyguards, Close Protection Officers are not only for the rich and famous. BGA provides protection and and personalised security services to a variety of individuals and their families. BGA Protection has an extensive database of qualified, experienced and capable Close Protection Officers who can be deployed at short notice on both a permanent and ad-hoc basis.

BGA's Close Protection Officers have all been assessed and certified by our Protector Assessment programme, which evaluates an officer's "real" ability across each field of expertise, within the Close Protection industry. This programme enables us to identify each Protectors strengths and specialised skills, allowing us to assign the right protector for each project to ensure that all requirements / tasks will be performed to the highest standard.

Close Protection Officers are available for the following services:

  • Personal Security detail
  • VIP & Celebrity Escort
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Families
  • Corporates & Executives

"Each protectors specialised strengths and skills are identified and continuously improved, allowing us to assign the right protector for each job and ensure that all requirements or tasks will be performed at the highest standard."

Advance Route Planning & Logistics

While BGA Protection's Route Planning is a standard requirement for any Close Protection detail, BGA Protection also provides this as a stand-alone service for clients or security organisations not requiring a complete Close Protection service. The objective of security route planning is to research and propose the safest and most effective way of getting a client from Point A to Point B.

Combining modern technology with up-to-date security intelligence on a specific area, our management team and Close Protection officers take into account a variety of factors when planning your travel. This includes client goals, environmental factors, forms of transport and human behaviour. Together, these factors present multiple challenges and risks that need to be effectively avoided or minimised.

Secure transportation and effective route planning is something that needs to be taken seriously, and if it is done poorly it can compromise your safety, security and efficiency, potentially jeopardising your trip and your life.

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to mitigating your travel risk and providing a reliable, efficient, secure travel route planning service to all of our clients.

"Effective route planning is something that needs to be taken seriously. If done poorly, it can compromise your safety, security and efficiency, potentially jeopardising your trip and your life."

Enquire about our Close Protector Officers.

    Get the right protectors for the job.

    Who do we work with?

    From companies looking to hire contract CPO's to CEO's, Executives, VIP's and individuals needing to minimise their risk in public spaces, BGA Protection has you covered. Each individual and their situation is unique, and BGA Protection will provide the correct Close Protection Officer for the job.

    Our Close Protection Officers will not only ensure your safety, but will afford you the peace of mind to go about your daily tasks without having to worry about itineraries or the logistics of getting from A to B.

    Our priorities are to:

    • Provide qualified, competent and experienced Close Protection Officers
    • Maintain the highest standard of service and care towards our clients and Close Protection Officers
    • Ensure that the standard of our Protectors both aligns and surpasses industry requirements and best practice
    • Guarantee a hands-on management style to ensure accountability throughout the Close Protection cycle
    • Continuously grow our database of qualified, professional, competent Close Protection Officers

    We've provided Close Protection Services for the following:

    • CEO's, Executives & Directors
    • Royalty
    • High Net-Worth Individuals & their Families
    • NGO / Non-Profit Organisations
    • Athletes, Celebrities & VIP's
    • Diplomats & Government Officials

    Protector Assessments

    A skilled Protector is a highly trained specialist who understands the needs and pressures placed on a 'Protectee' coupled with the demand for individualised security and unobtrusive protection, not necessarily somebody with the stature of a night-club bouncer or the fighting skills of a Chuck Norris.

    Each of our Protectors have been assessed using a unique evaluation tool designed to certify Protectors in-line with industry best practice.

    Our assessment evaluates a Protector's:

    • Legal compliance - The Protector’s compliance in terms of the law to work in the Protection industry. (Licences, registration with the regulating authorities, firearms competencies, etc.)

    • Fitness - If a protector is not physically fit, they will not be able to fulfill their duties. This is one of the first things we evaluate during our assessments.

    • Scenario & Project Planning - How comprehensive is the Protectors plan for a project? How did the Protector react to a range of scenarios, both team and individual?

    • Soft Skills - A large part of a protector's job is to fit in and function well in different situations. Communication, dress sense, etiquette, general knowledge and overall preparedness are evaluated to make sure your Protector can adapt to their surroundings.

    • Hard Skills - These are the skills that the protection industry is known for. Shooting, driving, walking drills, restraint techniques and observation skills are all assessed.

    Our comprehensive assessment allows us to differentiate between candidates who meet and surpass our minimum standards and those who do not.

    How competent is your Protector?

    If you are questioning your current Protectors competency or are concerned about your security BGA will happily assess your Protection team's "real" ability in relation to international best practice and recommend appropriate measures to improve your current Protection profile.

    If you require a site visit from one of our security specialists or you wish to enquire about any of our other services send us a mail.

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