Emergency Evacuation and Medevac services.

Moving you and your team to a place of safety or medical centre in times of emergency or extreme risk.

Get the right protectors for the job.

Evacuation and Medevac Services

BGA Protection provides emergency evacuation and medevac services to our clients who are at risk due to difficult situations or medical emergencies. Our priority is to minimise your risk as much as possible, and this includes moving you and your team safely to a more secure environment or hospital.

The ever-changing technological, political and socio-economic landscape of Africa means that "safe" situations, laws and even governments can change in the blink of an eye, putting you in real danger. When a situation like civil unrest, war, a natural disaster or a medical emergency occurs, it is often too dangerous or even impossible to remain in the area. In these cases, BGA Protection will liaise with our regional partners to ensure you are located and safely evacuated as quickly as possible.

Evacuation and Medevac services also form part of our standard in-country support service and your appointed in-country support staff will be aware of your situation and whereabouts in order to assist you timeously. Logistics and other required services for an evacuation are planned for upfront, and our emergency evacuation team is on standby for the duration of your trip.

"The ever-changing technological, political and socio-economic landscape of Africa means that "safe" situations, laws and even governments can change in the blink of an eye, putting you in real danger."

Get the right protectors for the job.

Who do we work with?

Our evacuation and medevac services are primarily provided to our Close Protection clients, but we are available to support any client during any emergency situation that may arise on the African continent.

Being stranded in a foreign land or being confronted by a hostile situation can quickly turn into a worst-case-scenario, and many travellers are often unprepared for such an event. With our diverse skill-set and network we can effectively avoid, manage or resolve these situations quickly, no longer leaving you at the mercy of your environment.

Our security, emergency and medical partners span the entire African continent, and we are capable of providing contingency or evacuation and medevac services to high net-worth individuals, corporate executives, non-profit and NGO organisation employees and VIP's.

Protector Assessments

A skilled Protector is a highly trained specialist who understands the needs and pressures placed on a 'Protectee' coupled with the demand for individualised security and unobtrusive protection, not necessarily somebody with the stature of a night-club bouncer or the fighting skills of a Chuck Norris.

Each of our Protectors have been assessed using a unique evaluation tool designed to certify Protectors in-line with industry best practice.

Our assessment evaluates a Protector's:

  • Legal compliance - The Protector’s compliance in terms of the law to work in the Protection industry. (Licences, registration with the regulating authorities, firearms competencies, etc.)

  • Fitness - If a protector is not physically fit, they will not be able to fulfill their duties. This is one of the first things we evaluate during our assessments.

  • Scenario & Project Planning - How comprehensive is the Protectors plan for a project? How did the Protector react to a range of scenarios, both team and individual?

  • Soft Skills - A large part of a protector's job is to fit in and function well in different situations. Communication, dress sense, etiquette, general knowledge and overall preparedness are evaluated to make sure your Protector can adapt to their surroundings.

  • Hard Skills - These are the skills that the protection industry is known for. Shooting, driving, walking drills, restraint techniques and observation skills are all assessed.

Our comprehensive assessment allows us to differentiate between candidates who meet and surpass our minimum standards and those who do not.

How competent is your Protector?

If you are questioning your current Protectors competency or are concerned about your security BGA will happily assess your Protection team's "real" ability in relation to international best practice and recommend appropriate measures to improve your current Protection profile.

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