Duty of Care Consulting

Ensure your employees are not placed in harms way while on-duty, travelling and working abroad.

Ensure the safety of your employees

Duty of Care Consulting Services

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure the saftey of their employees whilst on-duty, during local and international travel or during off-site work assignments. As the business world has become more complex over the years, the risk to employees has also increased in scale and complexity.

Health, safety and security are often at risk in familiar and unfamiliar ways, making them difficult to plan for and manage. In the event of a health, safety or security incident taking place, the employee may be harmed and the company may face legal and reputational consequences that could have been avoided. BGA Protection works with companies to ensure that they mitigate the risk for themselves and their employees, thereby increasing thier competitve advantage and the safety of their most important asset - it's people.

Internationally, there are an increasing cases where an employee has taken legal action against their employer, who has neglected to effect a proper Duty of Care program and the employee's safety or health was compromised in an avoidable way.

Below are some of the potential risks employees face:

  • Getting caught in a riot, unrest situation or terrorist attack
  • Being involved in a car accident in an unfamiliar country
  • Injured or lost in a natural disaster (Tsunami / Earthquake etc.)
  • Wrongful detention
  • Insufficient medical emergency preparation (Swine flu, ebola, injury, etc.)

Benefits of working with BGA Protection:

  • Our team of professionals are able to manage client risk exposures, while providing a confidential world-class service.
  • Because each client is unique in their circumstances, BGA Protection will customise a duty of care plan specific to your needs.
  • BGA's management team has over 50 years combined experience in the Security industry.

"Health, safety and security are often at risk in familiar and unfamiliar ways, making them difficult to plan for and manage."

Ensure the safety of your employees

Who do we work with?

For businesses, their CEO's, Executives and employees alike needing to manage and minimise their risk in work-related activities, BGA Protection has you covered.

Each organisation and their situation is unique, and BGA Protection will provide a duty of care solution specific to your needs. Our duty of care services will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your employees.

Our priorities are to:

  • Assess the risks and security threats your employees may be exposed to on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide relevant, fact-based guidance that will minimise the risks faced by your employees in all areas
  • Provide safe, efficient and practical duty of care solutions for you, your team and their families
  • Represent you and your organisation through emotional intelligence and soft-skills

How do we do it?

After the initial briefing, BGA Protection performs a detailed risk assessment of your existing procedures & policies relating to duty of care. We then provide a report, and propose a duty of care solution to suit your needs.

With a large team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced Security experts you are guaranteed the ideal solution to mitigate the security and safety threats faced by your employees.

We will minimise your risk exposure, and ensure that you and your employees are protected through appropriate duty of care planning and implementation.

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