Situational Awareness (Part 1)

In todays’ world, situational awareness is a vital aspect of surviving and removing the element of surprise from a potential predator.

Look where you want to go. Don’t look where you don’t want to go. Whether it’s a date with someone you desire or an exciting new job opportunity, attitude and intestinal fortitude are necessary ingredients for the stew of life.
Each of us continuously takes in millions of pieces of information every day, the great majority of which is processed unconsciously. Some people take in this information primarily through their five senses—what they see, hear, touch, taste or smell. Others take in information through their sixth sense, focusing not on what is, but rather on what could be. Each of us has the ability to use our senses and our intuition, and we all use both every single day.

Sharpen Your Tools
Intuition is a gift that we humans are born with. We can exercise this function and make it stronger—just like we do with our muscles. Intuition works best when we register what we’ve sensed and then put our five other senses aside. Intuition is our sixth sense, but it’s often stifled by our overdependence on the sensations available from the material world. When we tap into our intuition, decisions that seemed difficult to make suddenly gain more clarity.

In our culture, it is easy to lose connection with the fact that we create every single aspect of our existence. Often, it may be difficult at the time to see how or why, but we do. Of course, this can be a very hard concept to accept as truth. However, in order to get out of being a victim, it is helpful to just go with this for the moment. So bear with me.

Basically, every step we take toward having complete power over our lives is one step away from being a victim, where we have none. Nowadays, we are so connected, plugged in, that we are disconnected. Our situational awareness is nearly nonexistent. We are basically fat, dumb and happy button-pushers. We are comfortable, flaccid, gelatinous and complacent.

Sometimes we have to put the analytical mind aside and allow the body to work as it has for millions of years. We must access our databank’s primal side. As human beings, we were born with natural defense mechanisms. We must give the mind permission to allow these mechanisms to work automatically like they have before. We humans have been here a long time, and though we are no longer hunting mammoths and dodging saber-toothed tigers, danger still lurks around the corners.”

Article by Pat McNamara

Watch this space to read Part 2

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