Situational Awareness (Part 2)

Forget the Flock

In an emergency situation, running with a crowd may not be the best course of action. Don’t become a victim alongside people who have their heads up their asses. Lines of drift and likely avenues of approach may be part of a plan with a well-organized adversary who may use a ruse or diversion to send the ‘herd’ in a desired direction.

Exercise your OODA loop and come up with a quick plan of egress. Sometimes, flanking or egressing at an oblique is more conducive to longevity. Run until you have made it past effective small-arms range or have some good cover. Take a second to assess the situation and to readjust your plan. Ditch the flip flops. Those are for the beach or the YMCA. You are no good to yourself or your loved ones if you can’t run your ass off. Mobility equals survivability. These are simple tactics. Action versus reaction. If you are aware, you are acting. If you are switched off and have no situational awareness, you are one step behind and will at some point in time fall into a predator’s web and be caught reacting.

Before you climb out of your vehicle, take a look around and look into the depths. It only takes a second to scan your “primary and secondary sectors.” Your primary sector is directly outside of your vehicle, and your secondary sector runs two or three cars deep in all directions. You will see things that you have never seen before. Occasionally, you will find someone looking back at you. Most of the time, it is benign. Additionally, you will notice how oblivious many other people are to their surroundings. This newly acquired situational awareness will suddenly become a new normal for you.

Get in the habit of backing into a space instead of pulling into it. Not only does this allow for an easier departure, but it may also mitigate any would-be scammers looking for you to back into them. Make it routine to hook your keys onto a belt loop or clip them onto your purse so they are at the ready. Buy one of those key clips with a built-in light so you have an emergency light at your disposal at all times.

Article by Pat McNamara

Stay tuned to read Part 3

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