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Protect and manage the risk exposures of you and your interests with the right VIP close protection officer for the right job, everytime.

Get the right protectors for the job.

Executive & VIP Protection

The ever-changing technological, political and socio-economic landscape of Africa means that you cannot afford to take your security lightly. Besides the obvious risks of travelling in Africa, "safe" situations, laws and even governments can change in the blink of an eye, putting you in real danger.

The reality of being stranded in a foreign land, or being confronted by a hostile situation is not something we would wish on anyone but unfortunately this becomes a reality for many. A diverse skill-set is required to effectively avoid, manage or resolve these situations, but unless you or someone with you possesses these skills, you are at the mercy of your environment.

Because of this, BGA Protection provides Executive Protection for high net-worth individuals, VIP's and executives travelling in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide turnkey security and protection services that help you achieve your objectives smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

Having worked in diverse and often demanding environments, BGA's Close Protection Officers (CPO's) ensure a confidential world-class service at all times. We have provided Close Protection services to royalty, political figures, business executives, dignitaries, celebrities and sports personalities

Benefits of working with BGA Close Protection:

  • Our team of professionals are able to manage client risk exposures, while providing a confidential world-class service.
  • Because each client is unique in their circumstances, BGA Protection will customise a security plan specific to your needs.
  • BGA's management team has over 50 years combined experience in the Close Protection industry.

"We pride ourselves in being able to place our clients in the hands of Close Protection agents recognized for their competence and loyalty, thus ensuring client’s peace of mind at all times."

Who do we work with?

Our wide range of experience protecting individuals and groups in high-risk and public areas ensures we have you covered for every possible scenario.

Each individual and their situation is unique, which is why BGA Protection customises a solution specific to your requirements.

Our Close Protection Officers not only ensure your safety, but provide you with peace of mind throughout your day.

Our priorities are to:

  • Create an unobtrusive environment where you can be as productive as possible in work and social activities.
  • Provide locally relevant, fact-based guidance to minimise your risk in all areas.
  • Represent you and your organisation through emotional intelligence and soft-skills.

We've provided Executive and VIP Protection for the following:

  • CEO's, Executives & Directors
  • Royalty
  • High Net-Worth Individuals & their Families
  • NGO / Non-Profit Organisations
  • Athletes, Celebrities & VIP's
  • Diplomats & Government Officials

Get the right protectors for the job.

Executive Protection Services

Each client is unique in their circumstances. BGA Protection creates a security plan specific to your requirements, including a Risk & Vulnerability Assessment, Route Planning & Travel Logistics, Venue / Hotel Threat Assessments and a full Protector / Client Briefing.

This allows us to provide the following Executive Protection Services that give you peace of mind:

Protection Services

Professional executive protection services, available 24/7 or as needed. We pride ourselves in placing our clients in the hands of Close Protection agents that are recognised for their competence and loyalty. We provide physical security to individuals or groups travelling or living in potentially high-risk areas.

Risk Consulting

From strategic consulting, through to expert analysis and practical on the ground protection and support. Whether it is political, security or integrity risks, we tailor an effective solution that will meet our client's exact requirements. Our risk assessments also include travel consulting. Based on your itinerary, we cover all aspects of your travel requirements

In-country Risk Assessments

Up-to-date information on how potentially threatening situations within a specific country could impact your travel and business plans. Our risk reports offer detailed business environment insight into crime, corruption, political instability and other events that could impact on our client’s business operations. BGA Clients also have access to basic travel advice including culture and customs summaries, natural disaster updates, disease warnings and weather overviews.

Route-planning and Travel Consulting

The best way to minimise risk is to plan properly. We provide expert route planning and travel consulting services to help you get the most out of your trip, whilst staying safe. This includes detailed trip planning and advance investigations prior to executive visits. For transportation between airports and hotels or meeting venues, a trained executive driver can be provided. This driver will also act as local point of contact for the client.

Security Awareness Training

We provide security awareness training for employees at regional branch offices and remote sites. In addition, we can conduct safety and security risk assessments with proposed solutions to ensure that our clients comply with their duty of care responsibilities. We provide office and home vulnerability assessments and “Pressure test” current best practice procedures. We help with the implementation of Standard operating procedures or assist in the revision of existing SOP’s as required.

Evacuation and Medivac Services

In the event of security or health treats BGA can facilitate the evacuation of our Clients from remote areas. Whether it's a heart attack, broken limb, infectious disease, natural disaster, sectarian conflict or other emergency event or threat of bodily harm, BGA can manage these dangerous and difficult situations. We have a proven track record of success under the most difficult conditions.

Supplier vetting and training

In order to ensure that suppliers of security related services (Alarm monitoring, site guarding, drivers, etc.) align with our client’s expectations, we provide supplier evaluation and education to enhance their service offering and expertise.

Venue / Hotel Assessments

Make sure that your hotel or venue is safe, and have a plan in place in-case you need to leave quickly or remove yourself from a situation.

Minder and Driver Service

This service is provided when a minimal threat level is identified. We provide a trained (expatriate or local) Minder, as well as a trained executive driver.

Protector Assessments

A skilled Protector is a highly trained specialist who understands the needs and pressures placed on a 'Protectee' coupled with the demand for individualised security and unobtrusive protection, not somebody with the stature of a night-club bouncer or the fighting skills of a Chuck Norris.

All of our Protectors have been assessed using a unique evaluation tool designed to certify Protectors in line with international best practice.

Through this comprehensive assessment we can guarantee the level of competence of each of our Protection specialists.

Our assessment evaluates a Protector's:

  • Planning and scenario reactions - How well does a protector plan a job, and how would they react in a specific scenario?
  • Fitness - If a protector is not physically fit, they will not be able to fulfill their duties. This is one of the first things we test during our assessments.
  • Soft Skills - A large part of a protector's job is to fit in and function well in different situations. Communication, dress sense, etiquette, general knowledge and overall preparedness are tested to make sure your protector can adapt to their surroundings.
  • Hard Skills - These are the skills that the protection industry is known for. Shooting, driving, restraint, planning and observation skills are all assessed to make sure you are in the safest hands possible.
  • Legal compliance - Being legally compliant is a necessity to work in the protection industry. We make sure our protectors are suitably qualified and meet a country's legal standards before we deploy them.

How competent is your Protector?

If you are questioning your current Protectors competency or are concerned about your security BGA will happily assess your Protection team's "real" ability in relation to international best practice and recommend appropriate measures to improve your current Protection profile.

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